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employee wellness Activity Shuffle

Activity Shuffle is a new way to encourage employees to get up and get active at the office.

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Employee wellness programs Blood Pressure Toolkit

This 4-week email series is designed to educate your employees about the dangers of high blood pressure while providing simple action steps to help reduce their risk.

Our Price: $55.00
Wellness program Bone Health Toolkit

Bone Health is a 4-week awareness program providing tips and resources to help keep your bones healthy and strong.

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Chair Yoga Chair Yoga Shuffle

Take a wellbeing break and enrich your work day with the Chair Yoga Shuffle!

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Employee wellness programs Cholesterol Counts Toolkit

Cholesterol counts is a four week education program that discusses the dangers of high cholesterol and the changes you can make to control your cholesterol levels.

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Wellness program Dodging Diabetes Toolkit

Dodging Diabetes is a 4-week awareness program educating you on risk factors appropriate action steps toward preventing diabetes.

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Wellness program Dodging Hibernation

Dodging Hibernation cosists of 20 winter health tips on topics around physical activity, nutrition, social connection and mental health. Send out the short assessment to help employees discover which hibernation hurdles they need to focus on. The daily tips are a great way to help maintain motivation during the cold winter months!

Post the health tips to bulletin boards or in common areas, add them to your company's intranet site, insert them into your company newsletter or place them on break room tables. You can choose to distribute these documents in whatever time-frame best suits your needs.

This downloadable toolkit includes:
Program Implementation Guide
Participant Assessment (fillable PDF)
20 winter health tips in PDF and JPG formats

Our Price: $75.00
employee wellness Medical File Folders

The Medical File Folder is a useful tool to store important medical documents and provide a place to record your history of personal health information.

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Employee wellness Monthly Newsletter

Subscribe to Healthier Living and receive 12 issues of colorful, easy-to-print or email, four-page newsletters that cover a wide range of health and wellness topics. Each newsletter will be delivered via email within one week of the upcoming month.

Articles include:
  • Target Training
  • Ask the Expert
  • Balance Your Life
  • Challenge of the Month
  • Food for Thought and Recipe

Our Price: $350.00
Pedometer Pedometer

A digital pedometer is a great tool to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle. Our accelerometer pedometer can be placed on your waistband or belt to keep track of daily steps. It gives an accurate step count at every angle of tilt, and the 5-second accuracy filter prevents the recording of false steps.

One pedometer per participant is needed for our steps-based campaigns.

Our Price: $10.50
Strength Training Manual Strength Training Manual

The Strength Training Manual contains exercises to work each major muscle group of the body. This portable, 8 1/2 x 11 guide will help you reach your fitness goals whether you're at home, traveling or at the gym. Choose from over 125 different exercises, each with a detailed description and full-color photos to help ensure proper form.

Choose exercises by muscle group (legs, chest, back, core or arms) or choose exercises by equipment (dumbbells, stability ball, resistance band or body weight).

Our Price: $39.95
employee wellness Sun Safety Toolkit

Sun Safety is a 4-week educational series providing you important information on how to choose the best sunscreen, who is at risk and how to take steps to prevent skin cancer.

Our Price: $55.00