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Wellness program
Life in Balance
Our Price: $149.00

The Life in Balance series is a proactive approach to easing stress. Life in Balance is a series of 6 separate programs that are each one week in length. Each program gives you new balance-building skills and activities to try. Each program includes a promotional flyer and one educational tip sheet with life balance challenges to try.

Life In Balance topics include:
  • Creating New Coping Skills
  • Living Joyfully
  • Seeking Emotional Well-Being
  • Connecting Socially
  • Building a Foundation
  • Nourishing Your Body
Wellness Program
Live Heart Healthy Toolkit
Our Price: $215.00

Live Heart Healthy is a 4-week, team-based challenge in which participants will learn how positive emotions, a sense of purpose and strong social connections can contribute to a lifetime of heart health. During the program, participants earn points for physical activity, nutritious eating and stress management strategies. Participants can customize their experience by choosing challenges only from areas they want to focus on. Take the first step and discover how a healthy mind can lead to a healthy heart!

Program features:
  • 4 weeks
  • Individual or team participation
  • Tracking tool with fillable PDF technology
The toolkit includes:
  • An implementation guide which consists of a program overview, timeline, talking points, FAQ's and more.
  • USB with customizable promotional materials, weekly educational tip sheets and program evaluation.